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Don't lose your head! by SpectreCx9
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Don't lose your head! :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 3 14
Shoot high, aim low by SpectreCx9 Shoot high, aim low :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 3 9 Embracing the warrior spirit by SpectreCx9 Embracing the warrior spirit :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 6 4 Fre'tan death commandos by SpectreCx9 Fre'tan death commandos :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 2 0 Na'mi yr' Qua'jdect by SpectreCx9 Na'mi yr' Qua'jdect :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 2 0 Don't tread on me by SpectreCx9 Don't tread on me :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 2 0 Sketch: Duerlusians by SpectreCx9 Sketch: Duerlusians :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 3 0 [random] Old Beckley by SpectreCx9 [random] Old Beckley :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 1 0 Camouflage by SpectreCx9 Camouflage :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 2 4 [AEON]sketch:american colonial marine corps sniper by SpectreCx9 [AEON]sketch:american colonial marine corps sniper :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 7 5 Mu's deployment by SpectreCx9 Mu's deployment :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 5 5 [AEON] I'm only human by SpectreCx9 [AEON] I'm only human :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 1 5 Working through the pain by SpectreCx9 Working through the pain :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 4 7 (Reupload) I do this for a living by SpectreCx9 (Reupload) I do this for a living :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 6 9 A sketch: the forever war, engagement on Epsilon by SpectreCx9 A sketch: the forever war, engagement on Epsilon :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 4 0 Mu's Everlasting War by SpectreCx9 Mu's Everlasting War :iconspectrecx9:SpectreCx9 4 0


Don't lose your head!
Damn, this one is dark. I wanted to do something gross and bloody, but this the only pic I could think of. (Poor Umbre) So, here. My dark side.

(Don't kill me you guys, this is just a random pic I got the idea of. Don't get triggered.)
Shoot high, aim low
Shoot high, break low...
Aim high, shoot low....
break high, let go....
Shoot high... aim low...

So, I finally got to Greaser again! >w< damn, its been way too long. here we see Jem a soldier either colonial marine or SWIFT soldier (its between either of those times) after his VTOL went down. Now they battle is just starting, and Greaser has tapped into his anger...

(I've been listening to Yes again. Found one of my new favorite songs )
Embracing the warrior spirit
Just a surprisingly good drawing of a UESF soldier letting his inner warrior self out through the use of his vibroblades. I just got the idea in my head and i went from there there. I guess I was drawing with my heart.

"Admit it. You humans are warriors. You always have been, and you always will. You're history your is rich with great tales of war. You cannot deny the truth.... you cannot run from your own spirit." ~kommandir Le'dan Shu'ril, imperial deathwatch marines
Fre'tan death commandos
(I think I have an addiction to Duerlusians)

Fre'tan death commandos are regarded as the most skilled, strong, devoted, and almost crazy warriors of the empire. There is hardly a type of warfare they haven't conducted and succeeded in, let alone being exposed to. Death commandos have mastered war entirely, with every type of warfare understood and able to be conducted by them. There is hardly a weapon that the Fre'tan can't take handle with deadly proficiency.

They are trained in the art of Ru'lima, which is a rather aggressive but efficient form of combat that basically turns your body into a weapon. They wish to get the full combat effect of their natural capability. even after their rifles run dry. Even after their blades go dull. They can still break someone's ribs and destroy their insides with a single, unimaginably powerful kick. They can decapitate someone's with their sharp claws. Even after their body is broken, theyll still be delivering deadly, painful, and poisonous bites.

Their suits are not heavily armored like Duerlusians. Instead, it amplifies their speed and acts as a life support/preservation device, usually keeping the warriors alive even after serious wounds. The blood markings often have a spiritual importance, just like most blood markings between imperial warriors. Most Fre'tan smoke spice before battle to enhance their combat efficiency and "help them crave battle, and shed any fear that dare cross their hardened minds." This is why you'll often see them on the battlefield with glowing blue eyes.
Na'mi yr' Qua'jdect
Did I say I wasn't taking a short break? I meant VERY short break. I'm not letting anything stop me from drawing. I personally think this turned out alright. So here, have a Duerlusian warrior ^^

(The title translates to "warrior of the empire" from Duerlusian)
So howdy everyone. Im kinda thinking about taking a short break from uploading (not like I uploaded that much at all anyways) because of some stuff with my parents came up (I think my dad is leaving and I don't think he's coming back) and I'm trying to focus on some stuff right now, so I'm just letting all the folks on DA know about stuff and things. So yeah.

I love you all for helping me out ~Spectre/Nick

(Don't worry. Unlike that old bastard, I may be gone a while but I'll be back soon)


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Nicholas Charles Bradley Walker
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a young artist, learning step by step on art. I'm at a humble start, but as I continue, I get better. I always say "you won't get anywhere at all if you don't keep at it. I'm still a work in progress on deviantart, so I'll keep working on it!


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